Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries offer an ideal application to vision systems. The Pharmaceutical sector has consistently placed high demands on Vision Systems due to its need to respond to both commercial and legislative drivers such as speed to market and FDA compliance. Vision Systems continue to deliver increased functionality and performance in areas such as Date/Lot code inspection, Manufacturing accuracy, Pattern recognition and Color differentiation.

Vision inspection systems can check 100% of products, even on high speed lines, allowing monitoring any variations in quality.

 Featured Systems



 Typical applications

Label verification. 
Date/lot code inspection. 
FDA compliance.
High Speed Product Verification
Pharma and Data Matrix code reading.
Optical Character Verification.
Tablet Inspection.
Blister Inspection.
Seal Faults.
Label Checker.
Capsule Inspection.
Pharmaceutical Bar Coding.


Visor inspection systems can provide detailed information about production and inspection performance, quality control and detected defects. They can be extended with various database recording and reporting options or integrated with existing MES / QMS systems to provide an unprecedented high-level insight and a very powerful tool for production optimization and preemptive reaction.

All our solutions are based on proven and robust industrial vision and automation components designed for use even in harshest industrial environments and conforming highest hygienic standards of food or pharmaceutical industry.

We design, develop and produce fully customizable solutions, tailored for your specific requirements and production process. Contact Us to discuss your unique challenges.