About us

VISOR was founded in 2006. by a young team of researchers from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) in Zagreb who saw an opportunity for using their knowledge of machine vision technology, robotics and automation in industrial applications.

Over the years we have gained in-depth expertise and know-how in vision system applications, expanded our team and capabilities and together with our partners built up a portfolio of proven industrial solutions for:

  • Product inspection and quality control
  • Product sorting and grading
  • Optical 2D and 3D measurement
  • Visual robot guidance and control

Today, Visor is an established vision company providing industrial machine vision systems worldwide.

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 Visor's strength lies in our experienced engineering team and strong R&D background. Over the years we have accumulated invaluable hands-on experience in developing and implementing customized inspection solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries, enabling our dedicated engineering team to tackle even the most demanding projects.

Bruno Birgmajer - CEO

Defects and errors in highly automated production processes are unavoidable, they are just a question of time. Regardless if they are result of human factor, input materials or machine errors, in the end they are always directly related to financial losses. Therefore, it is easy to calculate ROI and benefits that our machine vision systems are delivering to our customers. 

Jasminko Strnad - Sales Manager


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