TRAYPACK systems

Automated Vision Inspection for Tray Seal Integrity

Seal Tray Pack system checks the seal integrity of plastic trays containing food products. It provides a comprehensive quality control of the seal area to prevent food spoilage and ensure clean seals.

Tray Pack can easily be integrated into any production line and interfaces with current reject mechanisms. The system reliably detects produce, grease & foreign matter in the seal area.

The system automatically rejects products with imperfect seals. The Camconsole operator display provides production information, images of reject product and the ability to easily setup the system for new products.


  • Camsensor Smart Camera
  • Purpose designed split conveyor with back lighting
  • Camconsole LCD operator interface, built into machine
  • Mounting brackets and instructions
  • Reject station interface
  • Ethernet connection to plant network


  • Dedicated performance proven inspection algorithms
  • WebServer built into Camsensor for online management information
  • CamLink database and web reporting interface records statistics and images, allows for fine tuning the system and gathering historical management information

Technical Specifications

  • Inspection accuracy of 0.25 mm contaminant, depending on tray and contaminant opacity
  • Inspection rate of up to 120ppm
  • Designed to slot into any existing production line
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • IP67 wash down