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Reliable solutions for state-of-art manufacturing

Visor is particularly proud on a long lasting cooperation with one of world's leading carton packaging producers for whom Visor has developed a state-of-the-art inspection system utilizing 5 cameras to perform a detailed 100% inspection of every single produced product at speeds of up to 50 parts per second.

With several new installations in 2016, over the past few years we have equipped Client's production lines worldwide and our cameras have so far inspected and ensured highest quality of several billion products.

Automatic bottle handle applicator

Large volume water bottles usually feature a neck handle for easier carrying. Manual application of handles on bottles after filling and capping is possible, but only for very small filling lines and line throughput. Increased capacity requires full process automation, so for Cetina water plant we have manufactured an automated handle applicator.

After the handle a fed from a vibro-feeder, a vision system determines the correct handle orientation and whether they need to be flipped over before being transported to the application buffer and head. This unit will enable the Client full automation of 7-lit bottle line for increased throughput and lower production costs.

A sweet solution

For a leading local chocolate manufacturer Visor has replaced an obsolete mechanical system for detection of dirt and leftover product bits in chocolate moulds, with our ChocoLase system utilising 3D product scanning method.

New system presents a precise, hygienic, non-contact solution, universally applicable to any type of mould, with a quick shape teach-in and product changeover. The same system can be used to precisely check the shape of chocolate bars, biscuits or other confectionary products before packing, or to verify product presence in candy-boxes.

Some sample-testing assignments are just sweeter than others!

Investment in new vision laboratory

We are investing in setup of a new state-of-art machine vision laboratory for support of our R&D work and feasibility studies and trials for even the most complex and specific inspection applications. It will be equipped with cutting-edge vision hardware - from specialized cameras, high-end optics, ligthing sources, image analysis and automation hardware and software, along with additional education of our engineering team.

This investment is supported by a co-financing grant from croatian government - Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts.


One more OEM solution

We already have an experience supplying our Vision Solutions as an OEM part in different production lines.  After inspecting printouts within fast Braille printers and controlling the seal area in the TrayPack packing lines, our solution is now integrated as a part of vertical FlowPack machine.

Different production processes but task is always the same – check for the product validity.

We have moved into a new office

We are happy to announce that we have moved into a new office headquarters.

VISOR continues to grow and as a natural step of that growth we need more space. Our new office is significantly larger and it gives our staff a greatly improved working environment, as well as room for continued expansion.

The new office is a modern open plan space on the third floor of a beautiful business building putting us right at the heart of the IT and research community. It is the perfect location to meet and welcome our international network of clients and worldwide associates.

Our old office served us well leaving us with great memories, nonetheless we are very excited of the opportunities ahead.

Please send all mail to our new address:

Buzinski prilaz 10
HR-10010 Zagreb, Croatia

Beer-barrel seals integrity check

Have some issues with leaking kegs?  We have right solution for you!

VISOR just deployed iKeg Inspection system in the leading Croatian brewery, part of the Molson Coors group.  Inspection is used to determine whether each beer keg is properly sealed. The seal is checked for any leaks before kegs are finally packaged and shipped from the brewery.

Jutarnji list write about us (Croatian only)

Excellent article in one of the biggest Croatian daily newspaper about our work (Croatian language only):

Jutarnji List - 17.03.2014.

Autor: Gordana Galović

ŠESTERO GENIJA IZ BUZINA 'Mi smo zaduženi za to da ne pojedete niti jedan loš kikiriki, krastavac i ciklu'

U malom uredu u Buzinu smišljaju robotske sustave koji kontroliraju proizvode Kraša, Podravke, Zagrebačke pivovare. Zahvaljujući njima svaki dan kupujemo ispravne proizvode.

Upravo su prodali sustav jednom od najvećih svjetskih proizvođača kartonske ambalaže iz Njemačke. Kontroliraju liniju kojom prolazi 100 komada ambalaže u sekundi!

New web pages

They are modern, easy to browse, more informative with more content.

As we are covering wide range of Industries with our Inspection and Quality Control solutions we wanted you to have easy and fast way to find info you need. Also we wanted to provide you more details on us and our products / projects with reach media to help you decide for the right solution.

The fastest inspection system

We just deployed our fastest inspection system till now for customer in Germany. Our Inspection system is checking carton packaging on quality and damages with speed of 50 pcs/sec per single system.

Hazelnuts inspection and sorting

We just successfully finished hazelnuts inspection and sorting project for one of the leaders in the regional Confectionary market. That was completely new challenge engineered and developed by our R&D department in less than 3 months.

Meetings with International delegations

During last few months we had several meetings in Zagreb with some International delegations discussing new business opportunities. We met with:

  • Korea Trade delegation
  • Delegation of Parana State, Brazil
  • Canadian Trade mission
  • Delegation of Belgian Meat Industry

We are always open for the new opportunities!

We are at IFFA, Frankfurt

IFFA is the leading international trade fair for processing, packaging and sales in the meat industry. We will be discussing new solutions, projects and opportunities for the meat industry. Focus will be on TrayPack Inspection solution and Slicing control technologies. Meet us there!

Check on our Inspection & Quality control solutions for the Meat Industry here.

We are at LIGNA, Hannover

LIGNA is the most important event for the timber and woodworking industry worldwide. You can find us and our Veneer Sorting and Clipping solutions at Globe Machine Manufacturing stand. (Hall 27, Stand E43). Meet us there!

Check on our Inspection & Quality control solutions for the Timber and Woodworking Industry here

Dubai, our first Asian reference

We just delivered full standalone inspection machine with material transport and handling for second largest 5-gallon bottle filling line in the world. It's high-speed inspection of 5-gallon HOD water bottles after washing for detection of residual foreign objects or bottle damage.

Find more details on our solutions for Beverage Industry here.

Liderpress write about Visor

LiderpressThe latest issue of Croatian business magazine Lider lists Visor Ltd as one of selected 100 Croatian companies with biggest growth potential and bright business future.