Visor offers full after-sales support for all our systems. Various long-term support packages are also available, comprising preventative system maintenance, on-going upgrades and operator training to ensure hassle-free operation.

Our support services include:

  • System check-ups, repairs & refurbishment
  • Remote support, diagnostics and maintenance
  • System hardware and software upgrades
  • Spare-parts and kits
  • Training courses for various skill levels
  • Hot-line and priority service
  • Advice and consultancy
  • Tailored support packages




Camsensor Technologies specialises in the development and manufacture of smart camera based vision systems and components. The company focuses on hardware robustness and software accuracy, both of which are required for harsh industrial environments. Camsensor systems have been developed over many years and provides a solid, accurate and reliable platform for quality inspection, production control and process optimisation.

Visor is official Camsensor partner and technical center in EU. For more info visit Camsensor Technologies webite.



Visor is a local distributor for several leading vision component manufacturers, which we use in our own systems, but they are also required for various other consumer, industrial or education/R&D uses.

Over the years our team has accumulated significant know-how and experience in machine vision system design and development, and expert team can help you select the right part for your requirements.

We can provide:

  • industrial, microscopy and special optics and assemblies
  • various types of industrial LED light sources
  • laser light sources and projectors for various tasks
  • industrial cameras
  • high-speed handheld cameras
  • thermal imagers

Hot-line support contact for existing users – please email us on or call +385 1-6458-495.