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EU project

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Project title

„Increase of international competitiveness of Visor d.o.o. enterprise“ – project code KK.

Brief description

In order to present new innovative solutions on the market, Visor d.o.o. participated at specialized international fairs and B2B meetings, where direct contacts with key Clients on the market were made and we demonstrated solutions for wood and electronic component manufacturing industries. The project enabled us to expand the customer network and increase sales income from international Clients.

Project included the following activities:

  1. Presentation at fairs and B2B meetings
  2. International market research
  3. Project management
  4. Promotion and visibility.

Project goals and expected outcomes

The general goal of the project is to strengthen the international competitiveness and efficiency of the company’s operations through:

  1. Research of new potential markets;
  2. Presentation of new products on international markets;
  3. Increasing sales through new orders and creating a customer network;
  4. Insight into new trends on the market;
  5. Solving problems in the industry through cooperation with new potential partners;
  6. Strengthening the international recognition of Visor as a provider of innovative solutions.

The specific project goals are:

  1. presentation of products at leading world fairs and B2B meetings in the field of wood industry and electronics,
  2. foreign market research in order to increase exports to foreign markets,
  3. increase in income

The sustainability of project results after project will be realized through:

  1. financial viability;
  2. commercial viability;

Total project value and EU co-financing amount (in HRK)

  • Project total value is 411.529,00 HRK
  • Project total value (eligible costs) is 397.159,00 HRK
  • EU co-financing share is 335.599,35 HRK

Project timeframe

01.01.2019. – 01.11.2022.

Contact for more information

e-mail: info (at) visor.hr